An Android app written in C# (I wanted C# practice) that allows me to easily log physical symptoms and potential contributing/alleviating factors, reminding me a few times a day to record things, then export the data for analysis. There are things we know in the back of our minds upon which we never act, maybe because we’ve avoided sufficient confirmation. For example, surprise surprise, it turns out I don’t feel that great for a few days after drinking alcohol! Using this app and actually seeing the patterns in charts and regression p-values was enough to make behavior change pretty easy. It also helped surface side-effects from medications. After a few recent changes, I’m continuing to log things so I can have a solid baseline before I introduce anything new and actually measure what happens.

At this point it’s fairly barebones, but I’ll be adding features over time.

Message Notification Throttling Tasker Profiles

I get it phone, someone is sending me messages. You don’t have to ding every 3 seconds with each incoming message.

Saving the current notification volume triggers this Restore Volume task which restores that volume after my blessed WINDOW OF SILENCE. It’s an incredible focus saver and agitation reducer.

Shout Out to ChatGPT

Both of these projects were built with the help of ChatGPT. Could I have done them without it? Yes. Would it have taken 500x longer and been 6000x more frustrating? Absolutely. GPT4 is an absolute marvel of technology. It’s an incredible teacher, sparring partner, and coworker. Everyone at OpenAI deserves many millions of lollipops and at least $2000 for this contribution to humanity.